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Thanks for nothing!

Re: Thanks for nothing!

  • I didn't have anything to contribute, so I didn't.  Clearly the others were in the same boat.  I can't speak for them, but now I'm glad I didn't chime in!
  • Really?

    #1 This board is extremely slow

    #2  I've lived in San Diego for almost 15 years and couldn't tell you a single place that is good to BF in the gaslamp.  It's's not like there's a large park or something there.  I honestly have absolutely no idea where you would do it. 

    Hope you found a place.

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  • Whoa, what did I miss here? I only check in once every couple of weeks because no one is ever here. I wouldn't say we are useless...just busy and don't have time for Bumping all that often!
  • lol, this made my day.  Big Smile
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  • well...i wouldn't say useless...but i feel this way alot when I post on a board and 50+ ppl look at it and I still get nothing back...I'm sorry--I have no idea what happened and I totally missed it, but I understand your frustration....definitely...
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