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Who is using pre-seed

Hi Ladies-


I just wanted to see how many of you are using pre-seed and how you like it. I used it for the first time this cycle and my DH thought it felt like a slip and slide! LOL! Clearly I used too much.


All the testimonials I have read online seem to say that it works, but wanted to get some thoughts from all of you.


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Re: Who is using pre-seed

  • We use it as a lube only.  A little bit goes a long way.
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  • This was our first cycle using it. I used the suggested amount the first time and hated it. I started doing around 1.5 and that was much much better.

    I loved it. DH said it had a bit of a numbing effect one time.

    I cant attest to its effectiveness but we were religious this time and are going to continue in the next cycle.

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  • We've used it for the last 2 cycles.  Agree that the amount they suggest is way too much.  I'm actually going to skip it this month and see how it goes.
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  • we use as a lube and love it. but yeah, a little bit goes a long way!
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    We use it as a lube only.  A little bit goes a long way.

    same here

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  • This is our 2nd cycle using it.  I have never liked lube, but I LOVE this, it makes ttc more enjoyable, for me.  I think I will use it as a lube this month instead of the glob, for lack of a better word. Stick out tongue Agree with everyone else, very little goes a very long way. Good luck!

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  • This was our first month using it.  First, we tried using it as an external lube which worked well until it dried up and felt sticky.  Then I tried it internally which I liked but DH thought it was WAY to slippery and made it difficult for him to close the deal.  I had to play with the amount that we used.  I am hoping that I am KU so I don't have to worry about it next month!
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  • We used it for a few cycles and had to stop when H had a reaction to it.
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  • We use it externally nearly every time just to get things going, I've never used it internally. I think it's mainly helping us because it makes sex more enjoyable - not because it's speeding the sperm along or anything. :)


  • Yeah, definitely try to use way less than the recommended amount!  It made sex more comfortable for us when clomid dried me up, so as a lube I think it's great. 
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  • This is our first cycle using it and I used about half the applicator and at times it seemed to dry up and then get sticky, which then made it uncomfortable. So I added more externally and to my DH also to get back on track and then it was ok from there. I just hope I get KU this month because all this BD is making my vag hurt lol.

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  • We use it, and we really like it. No switching back to any other kind of lube for us.
  • I use it, but only a little and I don't use the applicator. We've been very pleased with it!
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  • I got a free sample last month and we used it one day this cycle as lube because I was dry.
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  • I'm trying it this cycle and I think I'll start off with just a bit and go from there! Hoping for good results! Good luck to you!
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  • I just ordered some this week, so we will see how that goes. 
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  • This is my first cycle using it... I think the recommended amount is 3 gm(?) and I used 0.5 with the applicator - this was plenty.  I thought it was helpful and hope that it leads to good results!


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  • We are using it.. just started using it last cycle.. used it when ttc #1 and it worked hoping it works again !
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