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8 Weeks in Little Rock

Hello Ladies,

I'm Erin and I'm currently 8 weeks! I'm looking for some Little Rock Mama-to-Be's. If your out there and would like to chat, let me know!?

Re: 8 Weeks in Little Rock

  • Hi Erin,

    I'm Andi and I'm in LR.  I'm not pregnant right now but I was not too long ago.  Congrats to you on your pregnancy.

  • Hey!

    I live in Conway but work in LR. Not a Mama-2-Be anymore, DS is already 6 months old. Time flies! 

  • Hi Erin and congrats!

    I'm in WLR and would love to chat!  DH and I moved down here from NY about 2 years ago and it's been hard making friends with people from work for lots of reasons.  


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  • Hey Erin and congratulations.  I live in Benton and work in LR.  I recently rejoined the bump/nest.  I took a time out to chase after a toddler around!
  • Hi Erin! My name is Kirsten, and I am almost 7 weeks along. My husband and I currently live in West Little Rock, but plan on moving to Conway in June. This is our first baby, so trying to get life manageable again has been a chore. I have been trying to get my degree in Public Relations at UALR while working 40 hours a week, and now I don't feel like going to work or school. I am hungry, thirsty, and sleepy all the time, and this week started crying just about every day. How has the transition been for you so far?


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  • hi, i'm Anne (or Annie), i live on the LR Air Force Base and I'm 13w pregnant with my first. I'm 22 and new to Arkansas. currently a stay at home wife since my nausea is so bad i can hardly leave the house. hoping to change that soon now that i am entering my 2nd trimester!

    hello to you all and congratulations! 

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