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So Mad at myself.

I just split half a glass of red wine on my freshly painted walls and carpet, I'm such a freaking klutz Tongue Tied

Re: So Mad at myself.

  • Oh no!  That's the you have any club soda around?  We keep a bottle of it since I spill everywhere.
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  • Run and get the club soda!!!!
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  • I've been spraying the carpet down with resolve!! Looks like it's working, I just hope it works really well!! and I just ran and took out the paint bucket again to repaint the semi-large stain on the wall...
  • I do this ALL.THE.TIME!
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  • I'm mad that you spilled wine. Hope you're able to clean it up.
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  • I bet your wall is happy!
  • I spilled dark beer all over one of our walls somehow and vinegar worked like a charm.  hope that helps.
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  • Thankfully, the resolved worked! Thankfully, it wasn't from an expensive bottle of wine. Hopefully, that was the last time!
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a life saver... it took permanent felt off of my wall.
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  • I read that as "spit" half a glass of red wine.  It took me a minute to realize you said "spilt".  I was wondering why on earthy you would spit wine on your walls.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention...heavy duty Magic Erasers work pretty well on removing red wine stains from walls.

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