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I'm just waiting...

For Cooper to get sick.

We were around my neices this weekend, and both of them are stuffy. They were at the doctor on Friday, who confirmed the older one probably just has allergies, the weather has been changing so much here that they can't get rid of the runny noses. DH's whole family passed around a cold a few weeks ago, and I'm paranoid that someone still has it and Cooper is going to get it!

He has been a sleepy boy all day today, and instead of blaming it on the fact that we moved this weekend, we had a big family event on Friday, and he hung out with his grandparents all day yesterday, I'm convnced he is sick. He has no symptoms, but still....

Oh, and we are 2 hours away from his pedi, since I'm trying to take my time and interview doctors here!! When does the constant fear go away? 



Re: I'm just waiting...

  • I feel your pain!  I went to a b-day party 2 wks ago and my niece "who isn't sick... it is just allergies" set off a chain of illness which led to Callum getting bronchitis.  It just sucks still out there.
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  • UGHHH.. I really hope he doesn't.

    I have no idea when the fear stops. Robbie's 21 months.. not yet. 


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  • I'm sorry.  I hope he is not sick but I understand your fears.  I worry every time my brother and his kids visit bc they are ALWAYS sick and Ryan usually gets a cold 2-3 days after the leave.  Other people still don't understand that even though he is nearing 2, a cold knocks him on his rear end.  In fact he is on breathing treatments and steroids again right now (seems to be every 3 weeks this winter).  Our pedi is thinking about putting him on preventative treatment bc this is getting ridiculous!  I hope your LO is just tired and not sick.
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