For those that have swollen feet/hands/face.... Have you noticed 1 side being more swollen than the other?

My hands have had swelling for weeks- equal.

Weight gain in face has happened in last 2 wks (nothing too drastic)

My feet- oh my poor feet! They started swelling last week.... The hurt! The right one is HUGE! The pic is actually not as bad as it gets! My right one is significantly bigger than the left....
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Re: Swelling...

  • Yikes that looks painful... Have you spoken to your doctor? How is your blood pressure?
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  • BP has been great! Labs good as of last Wednesday, I have an appt with OB this afternoon & so we'll see what she says. So painful! And , really just the right foot gets really swollen - left seems to be "normal" swelling.
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  • My left foot swells what looks like twice the size of my right. My legs swell too. The swelling is really annoying.

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  • I always had one that was more swollen than the other. Doc said it was totally normal.

    I had heard that once you start swelling it doesn't get better until you deliver. But mine got a TON better in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Swelling was almost gone at that point. So it can get better! Keep those feet up and drink lots of water!

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  • My feet are horrible, the right much more than the left. My doc says it's perfectly normal especially with multiples because your uterus starts acting like a tourniquet on your legs. As long as you do t have any of the other symptoms of pre e everything is fine.
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