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Femara- instead of Clomid?

Has anyone used Femara (instead of Clomid) to help get pregnant?  What were the results?


Re: Femara- instead of Clomid?

  • Yup---clomid gave me a blood filled cyst so we went to Femara.

    For #1, I got up to the mid-dose, 5mg I think.  Had 2 follicles each time, DS #1 was created on our 4th cycle trying.

     For #2, I started at the highest dose, 7.5 mg?, and had nothing the first month, 1 the 2nd cycle I had one follicle and the third cycle I had 2.  I also had to use injectables on the third cycle since my insurance was changing and I needed to get PG that cycle. Both follicles fertilized but one did not make it to 8 weeks.  I am due with DS#2 in May.


    We had to do IUI's both time b/c of motility.

    Megan--Mommy to Owen 1.10.07 and Gibson 5.11.10
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  • Never used Clomid, but tried Femara on the first cyle and it worked. I'm pregnant now.
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