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Did anyone just have a "feeling" they were pregnant with twins before their u/s? We have a high chance of twins and I just have a feeling in the back of my mind that this will be two.

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  • I did but we had 4 eggs at our IUI so I was hoping for no more than twins.

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  • We knew it was a possibility, but no exaggereated symptoms or anything. An u/s is the only way to know for sure. Keep us updated!
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  • nope, not a clue. why do you have a high chance of twins?
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  • No.

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • no feelings at all, it was a complete shock. 

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  • Never even crossed my mind! An older friend of mine joked about it and I blew her off and said yeah right- I would die!

    Then another friend said I think you're having twins- her friend had just had twins and also had no family history and again I was like- no way! 

    ;) Here we are!

  • The night before my BFP I had a dream where I met my boys.  When I told DH about the dream he said he had the same one.  When I told my mom about the dream she said she had the same one.  We all met my boys the night before I found out I was pregnant.
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  • More than anything I was shocked when the u/s tech said, "Did you know that you're having twins?"  However, my maternal grandmother had fraternal twins as well, and I knew that increased my odds, so I had thought a little bit about the possiblity. Still, I was shocked!  My mom, however, had a very strong feeling that I was pregnant with twins. 
  • It was a huge shock for us. We weren't trying and I was on BC so this whole pregnancy actually was ;)

    I never thought of having twins or pictured myself with twins, no twins in family so no, I didn't have a feeling that there are two in there Big Smile

  • nope total shock! In fact I still find it hard to believe some times.  my dh joked once when I was really early and really sick that that the book said that really bad ms could be a sign of twins...I laughed it off.  Then when the us tech told us he laughed and said "see I told ya!"


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  • No. I was completely shock when the ultrasound tech said there were two babies. We had joked about it before hand, but never actually thought it would happen.
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  • I knew something was up.  In fact, I asked the doctor to please check again.  I had a repeat/second sono, and sure enough, he saw 2!!

    I have had other pregnancies/miscarriages...but this one felt different.  I got huge right away.  And I have really strong morning sicknessIck!Ick!Ick!


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  • I thought it was twins, but we had a very good IVF cycle.  We had a high # of eggs fertilize, many of those made it do a day 5 transfer (better odds than 3 day which is commonly done) and then when I took my first home pg test 13 DPO it was SUPER dark.  The next day I had my blood test and my hcg was very high, so the nurse told me it was *possible* (not definite) that it was twins.  I wasn't surprised at all to see 2 sacs.
  • Yea there are several sets of fraternal on my mother's side. She's an identical (well she looks like her twin but it was in the day of no u/s and my grandma didn't even know she was having twins). My husband is an identical and so is his father. I know that has nothing to do with us having twins. I just have a feeling... my MIL does and two of my good friends have mentioned it. We shall see!
  • We didn't have that 'feeling' but my HCG and progesterone levels were pretty high so I guess the thought crossed my mind (prior to u/s). It was confirmed at our first u/s 5w6d.
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  • I had a feeling.  The week before our first us at 7w 4d, I said to DH I have a feeling there is more than one in here.  Said the same thing to my mom so we weren't too surprised when we saw two on the us.
  • I did!  I sometimes think it sounds messed up, but I honestly "knew"... I was joking about it with DH before the ultrasound, just to kind of prepare him!  I never told anyone, until the tech started scanning and broke the news - I looked at her and said "oh my god... I was right"  :)
  • the only reason i had a feel was b/c we had 2 mature follies the day we did our IUI.
  • I had a feeling b/c I was SO sick so fast.  We did injectibles + IUI
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