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any first time moms from chattanooga

my husband and i are expecting out first child, Karin, on march 18th. we are the first of our firends to get married and have a baby. we are looking to find some friends with babies as well that are younger. i would like to karin to have friends her age. as soon as we found out we were pregnant it made our relationships with our friends different. they dont understand the responsibility and that your whole life changes. so alot of the lifestyles of our friends that we were fine with before we dont want around our baby now. i have already become neurotic about the baby. i just want what best and to have positive role models in her life.

Re: any first time moms from chattanooga

  • aww congrats!! This is our first baby also! This little person wont arrive til September though. We were also the first out of the group of friends married to get PG! I understand everything your going through.
  • I am a 1st time mom to be and live in Chattanooga.  My baby girl is due in June.  Where do you live?  I live in Soddy, we moved here from Atlanta.
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  • Hello! I am in Red Bank! Congrats!
  • I'm due in November 2010, and we're in Ooltewah! Nice to see other 1st time moms in the area. To the other poster, I'm from Atlanta too!
  • Hi! I am a first time mom. I live in Soddy, but my baby isn't due until October 7th. I am just now 13 weeks!



  • My husband and I were the same way!  We have a 19 month old daughter and another one due mid december.  We live in Ooltewah in Windstone.  Email me if you want to get together.  [email protected]
  • we live in st elmo. our little angel is 6mos and we still havent found any couple with babies, but we have been so focused on her we havent even realized that we have no social life anymore.
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