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Cross country move with a newborn! Help!

Help! My husband is in the military and we're being transferred from San Diego to New Jersey. We havet to be in NJ by late July! Our baby boy is due in mid-June!

So I am kind of freaking out about a cross country road trip with a one month old?

How long is it okay for the baby to ride in the car? I'm planning on breastfeeding so I know we'll have to stop a lot to feed/change him.

I'm also wondering if anyone has any advice on how long they think it will take? We've done a cross country move before but I can imagine this will be a whole new ball game!

 Thank You!

Re: Cross country move with a newborn! Help!

  • We did a move from Texas to San Diego, and that drive took us two days with a one night hotel stay, so I imagine it would take 2x that.  Would it be possible for you and baby to fly and your dh to drive?  I think that will be much easier on you.  

     If you are nursing, I would imagine that you would be stopping at least every 3 hours.  I wish I could help more, we are also military and I know the cross country moves suck without a brand new baby.  I think that if worse comes to worse, you'll make it work and it will be ok.  The good thing about newborns is that they usually do ALOT of sleeping, esp. in the car.

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