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if u flunked the 1 hr glucose??

was your blood drawn or just a finger stick? last time I passed this and my diet was way worse..so i was shocked to find that i didn't pass. the only thing i'm curious about is how accurate a finger stick is vs. the blood draw.(which is what they did last time)

tomorrow i'm off to get my 3 hr done (ugh!)

Re: if u flunked the 1 hr glucose??

  • I had blood drawn (not finger stick).  I failed by one point so they had me do the 3 hour and I passed.  Hope you do too!
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  • blood drawn at the one & three hour. failed them both!
  • They stuck my finger to get my fasting glucose number.  They also drew blood then.  And from there on out they drew blood every hour (i.e. at 1 hour, 2 hours, and at 3 hours).  It was a pain in the butt to have to be there for 3 hours, especially not having eaten anything since the night before.....
  • Blood drawn...  But I failed the 1hour so spectacularly that they didn't even bother having me take the 3hour!
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  • I had my blood drawn with a needle.  They don't do finger pricks around here.  Mine was so bad (200) that I didn't even need to take the 3 hour test.

    eta: I failed the 1 hour last time by 2 points and passed the 3 hour fine.  Your diet doesn't have anything to do with you passing or failing.  It's the way your body and the placenta deal with sugars and insulin production.  

  • image Kie310:
    blood drawn at the one & three hour. failed them both!


  • Blood drawn at both, failed both.

    Like a pp said, diet really has nothing to do with it.  I did not have GD with my first pregnancy and even changing my diet was not enough to control it this time around.  I'm on insulin and will probably have to increase it consistently over the remainder of my pregnancy as my hormones shift and change.

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