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Thank You

A few months ago I came on this board to ask a question about the P17 shots.  My DS was born at 32 weeks after PROM and "uterus irritability", and then we moved to another state.

My new OB did NOT want to give me the P17 shots and assured me everything would be fine.   I came onto the board to ask if anyone else was being told that the P17 shots were not appropriate for them even given prior prematurity.  One of the ladies on here directed me to what I believe was the AMA's website and a standard of care that said that anyone with pre-term birth history should have the shot.

I immediatly switched to a MFM and I am so glad I did.  He is going to give me the shots in 7 weeks and I feel so much more confident that this pregnancy has a good chance of making it full term. 

Thank you for the advice that you gave me ladies - I'm so glad I came here and voiced my concerns! 

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