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My gd update...

I was in touch with home health care today and we've got an appt. with a nurse tomorrow morning, bright and early, at 8am.  We're having a bday party for ds (who turned 4 Thursday!!) tomorrow at 1, with family coming in early, so that's why the early hour.  She is bringing me a glucometer (?sp?) and all supplies needed.  They said they were going to monitor me for 21 days.  Why that time period?  I am asking her tomorrow, but is that typical?  Anyway, she''s also going to talk with me about diet, etc.  I am still having a hard time accepting and adjusting, it's been hard to eat lately.  I guess my hormones have me all crazy about this.  Anyway, we're having to pay a little over $500 out of pocket (still paying on two surgeries I had the past 18 months,so luckily they gave us a payment plan).  I am a little nervous about this meeting.  The nurse seems very nice though, so that is a little reassuring.  *sigh*

Re: My gd update...

  • Well, expenses aside (being that there's nothing you can do about those), I want to assure you that testing is really easy, not that time-consuming, and if you get a newer monitor (accu-chek, bayer contour/ascensia, etc.) you can test on your arm, which is painless.  Starting out, it seems a little daunting, but you'll be able to do it!


  • Ditto the pp.  You'll be amazed how easy it is to test and how simple the diet is to follow.  I am surprised at the 21 day monitoring period.  At then end of 1 week following the diet and still showing high numbers they went straight to insulin with me (no pills during pregnancy in Canada)
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