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CFA help, kep maybe?

I am ordering a CFA nugget tray at this point for Evie's party, when I realized I have FIFTY PEOPLE coming to her party.   I had no idea I even invited 50 people, but no one declined the party.  Pressures on now, this has to be the event of the year!!   LOL.

Anyhow, how many CFA trays do I need?  One large?  One large, one small?   Anyone have any advice?  I realize CFA could probably help me with this but I ordered one large online this a.m. and wanted to just go in and amend my order.  

Re: CFA help, kep maybe?

  • OK out of the 50 people how many are adults and how many are children?
  • 31 adults, 19 children, most of whom are under 3.  (some are over 3)
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  • How many nuggets is the large tray?  We got the one that was ~120 (or 140?) for Sam's b-day.  There were only 14 people, three of whom were vegetarians.  Party was at 10:00 AM, and we had none left at the end of the party.  I would have had at least about 50 more nuggets.  I think it depends on what time of day you'll be having the event, and what other food you'll be serving.  They went pretty quick because the kids and adults liked them. 
  • The large has 200 pieces in it.   Also, I should add that I am also making pulled pork with rolls, coleslaw and sweet potato fries.   Also fruit salad and green salad. 
  • Go with the smaller one. That's plenty of food.
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  • I swear, no matter how big or small you order, or how many people are there, they will all be gone.  So just go w/what's in your budget.  No one is going to leave your house hungry, I promise :-)

    PS Joey will eat Caroline's share.

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  • I agree with Josie, no matter how many you have people will eat them all. CFA always seems to be a crowd pleaser. I think we got the large tray last year for Finn's party and had about 35 or 40 people and it was all gone at the end of party.
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  • We're ordering a large...for our 31 guest list.  just as a comparison.  I've found CFA nuggets ALWAYS :-)
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