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How do you pronounce Sarai?

My cousin just had a baby girl, and named her Sarai. Is it pronounced Sah-ray? Sah-rye? Something else?


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Re: How do you pronounce Sarai?

  • i would say suh-RYE. i think it could grow on me. :)
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  • IT was Sarah's name (in the bible) before she and Abraham became Jewish.  It is pronounced Sa-rye.
  • I would pronounce it Suh-rye.

  • image sugarland726:
    I would pronounce it Suh-rye.

    Ditto.  I think it's a really pretty name too.

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  • I imagine the girl will pronounce it "Sara with an i on the end."  Stick out tongue
    Growing up way too fast!

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  • A girl I know with this name pronounces it "Sorry".
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  • Everything I've found online about pronounciation says Suh-rye.

    Kind of pretty..

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • image sugarland726:
    I would pronounce it Suh-rye.



  • I have a 5th grader with this name!  She has asked to be called Sarah.  Her mother calls her sara-ee.  (if that makes sense)
  • image juniper19:
    IT was Sarah's name (in the bible) before she and Abraham became Jewish.  It is pronounced Sa-rye.

    This, exactly!

  • I've had a Sarai (Suh-rye) in my class.
  • I've heard Sarah in the States and when living in Mexico it was pronounced Sarah-ee, although it sounds slightly different with the central Mexican accent.  The accent was on the EE.
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  • I knew a Sarai and she pronounced it just like Sarah....I love it!
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  • I'm mostly a lurker, but I have a few girls in my classes named Sarai and they pronounce it sarr-ah-ee if that makes sense
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