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Pregnant and no insurance

I don't know what to do....I just found out I am pregnant not sure how far even.  For our son we had to have fertility treatments and took years to get pregnant.  Now we are not even trying and do not think it's possible but I am pregnant.  Are there any insurance options for us?  We have medical insurance but it does not have a maternity rider on it.  Please help....

Re: Pregnant and no insurance

  • Things to check out would be CHAP+ ? Don't know if you would qualify - you have to be within a certain income.

    Also - many hospitals have pre-payment plans that allow you to to pay a reduced rate. (some are about $3,000). They have to be paid before you are admitted into the hospital, but it significantly reduces the cost of the birth. (by about 1/2 usually).

    Also - if you haven't had a dr.'s appointment that confirms your pregnancy, you may try adding maternity now to your current insurance plan, and push your first appointment out to about 10 weeks rather than 8. (did that with my first, (Kaiser) and everything was fine.)


    hope this helps.

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