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Mini AW - passed GD screening...

Had my appt this morning.  I don't know why, but I was much more nervous about it this time around.  That, and I have a tendency to pass out when I give blood (which I did last time, but not this time).  Anyway, glad one more thing is out of the way. 

And I only (I say only b/c last time I gained 7 lbs in 4 weeks) gained 5lbs in 5 weeks this time.  I still look about 8 months pregnant at the end of the day, but I keep blaming it on this being my 2nd = )

 I was shocked that my next appt is scheduled for 3 weeks though - I'm not ready for these every 2 week appts!

Re: Mini AW - passed GD screening...

  • Yay!!!  It's getting so close.  It seems like just yesterday we found out you were pregnant!  I know what you mean about the weight I gain.  I gained like 8 lbs in 4 weeks.  Oh well...

    We need to have lunch one day.  Let me know when's a good time for you.

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  • Yay!!!  Glad everything went well. 
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  • congrats! im at the lab right now waiting on my hour to be up.
  • Yay for passing the GD test. You're getting so close!
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  • Yea!  I hated that dumb test.  So glad it went well for you!
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