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I just re-read your diaper rash post and I just wasn't processing things last night (too tired). Bella would get diaper rashes like that and it does sound like a yeast infection. I would call your ped, but what they suggested for us was to get lovastatin and to use it 2 times a day (once preferably at night so it can really sit there). You make sure the area is really dry then put on the lovastatin, then cover with desitin and put on the diaper (not too tight). After a night of this Bella's rash was almost cleared up all the way.

 PS I still have your air mattresses in my trunk. Justin is gone until Wednesday night. We won't be going out yet since Bells still has her cold. I might try and pick up some time at work this week. I could always drop it by on the way. I don't mean to push it, but I am the worst at returning things in a timely manner (I still have a DVD I borrowed from a guy at church from before Bella was born, yeah, really embarrassed about that one) 


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