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I sometimes feel like my DH and I are the only adults in my family. My mom was supposed to come watch Joshua for a days when we go to LA. We were having her come a day (Tuesday) early to go through a day with me there and she had to stay Friday until my dad could get her (mom doesn't drive more than a few miles from her house.) But she was only going to be alone two days/nights. So I called today to find out when they were coming- they had said they were going to visit this week, and mom tells me they aren't b/c dad hasn't slept well due to nasal issues and can't drive. And then she tells me they've decided that she shouldn't stay alone with Joshua. (Apparently with some other family influence- we suspect my brother may have influenced this since he and his wife are always dropping their kids off with very little notice and wouldn't be able to do that if mom's here in MD.) 6 days before we're supposed to leave!! She hadn't even called me- I called her! DH says they have lost their Joshua watching privileges and that he won't be allowed to stay overnight with them either.
In the meantime we are stuck trying to find someone on extremely short notice and having to ask DH's mom to take another day off work (she was going to take just 1 day originally to watch Joshua the second part of our trip. We really thought my mom would enjoy spending time with her grandson and I'm just upset that she didn't even bother to call and tell me on her own- I'm worried about when I would have found out if I hadn't call her myself. I had no idea that my parents would be so undependable!

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  • ugghhh! how frustrating!  i would expect that kind of thing from il's but it is much harder to deal with coming from your own parents!  on an unrelated note, ygpm!!
  • That sucks! How irritating. I hope you get it all figured out and I'm sorry your fam is so unreliable!
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  • Ugh!  I'm sorry, that is frustrating.
  • That totally sucks!!
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  • I'm sorry.  That really sucks.

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  • That stinks, so sorry.


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