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Possible dumb question....

How/where do I start exercising?  I have a treadmill and bike at home.  How long and how often should I start out?
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Re: Possible dumb question....

  • I don't think it's a dumb question at all... How far along are you? If not too far I would start with the treadmill and walk at a brisk pace with a slight incline for 30 minutes.. make sure you warm up and cool down..  I hear walking is the best honestly.. I get sick in tired of walking so I typically end up running a couple miles but if you haven't ran before your pregnancy you probably shouldn't do it now.  Good Luck!
  • It depends - how far along are you and when is the last time you worked out? If you  have been working out regularly, then you can keep up most of your normal routine (minus most lifting) - but if you spent an hour on the elliptical before, than you can now - just don't let your heart rate get over 140-150 beats per minute.
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