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Looking for town recs- want to move out of the city

We currently live in downtown boston and want to move to a town with good public schools and a nice community feel with a decent commute into the city for work.  I'm open to south shore, metro west.  A little hesitant to go to the north shore as the people say the commute into the city for work is bad (fewer trains)

What town do you live in or would like to live in and why?   


Re: Looking for town recs- want to move out of the city

  • I love Waltham.  I don't know about schools, but it's convenient, has commuter rail access, and my apartment is nice and reasonably priced.

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  • I live in Raynham. MH and I were also looking at Mansfield W. Bridgewater and Easton when we were looking for a home. All those towns have great school systems.

    We actually wanted to live in Easton, but we couldn't find anything that we liked in the price range we were looking to spend on a house so we ended up in Raynham. It has a high sq foot per person ration. The schools are good. taxes are moderate.  

  • We live in Watertown and I think it's a great option for someone to move out of the city- it's not quite the 'burbs but you'll be able to find a house/condo for a more reasonable price.  The longer I live here, the more I love it.  We live in Back Bay for a while, then Cambridge and now in Watertown.  The schools are decent (they are Lexington but you don't pay Lexington prices) and we have a lot of great services including a free town pool and the Watertown Family Network that has free activities for parents/babies/kids daily.  From a commute perspective, it's not on the T but there are multiple options - short drive to commuter rail, Express Bus or Bus to T.



  • I grew up in Walpole and now live in Westwood. The commute is about a 20-30 minute drive into Boston. There's the commuter rail, which you can get on two different lines, for convenience. We absolutely love the community and the public school system is top-notch. Taxes are a bit pricey for the area, but well worth it.  Another couple of towns that I love are Norfolk, Franklin and Dedham. Good luck!
  • I grew up in Needham, and if you can afford it it's a wonderful town to live in (with 4 commuter rail stops to Boston) and the school system is excellent! Although it's very expensive now (about 700K for a nice house). 

    We're looking to buy in Natick.  The schools are really good, and there are 2 commuter rails to Boston, but it's cheaper than Needham and Newton.

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  • We just bought in Reading, its north, but both DH and I work in boston.  If you go further north than Reading, trains are fewer.  But Reading is in the elbow of 95 and 93 and has trains every 1/2 hour in the morning (during rush hour) and about every 20 minutes leaving NS (during rush hour).  Reading has a great school system and a small town feel even though its only 12 miles from town.  DH works in the financial district and takes him 40 minutes (door to desk), i work in Back bay so it takes me a little longer door to desk.  We specifically bought here because of proximity to boston, the excellent school systems and house prices are somewhat reasonable.  Plus, if you ever drive in or drive to wellington (an orange line stop thats not too far), i'm pretty sure there are no tolls, unlike the Pike where they'll probably keep raising those before they ever add booths on 93. (another reason we moved off away from Metro West). 

     Thats my 2 cents! happy looking!

  • We live in E. Arlington, about 1 mile from Davis Square.  It's really a great little community out here.  We're close enough to the T but don't have to deal with city hassles.  There are more condos and townhomes here than single family homes, but if you go further into Arlington, you'd be able to find some pretty nice single family homes. 

    The best part is that there's an Isis Maternity right down the street!!  

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