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Any advice on unbinding a toddler?

Poor Kate is SO constipated.  What do you do to unbind your kids?  I feel so bad for her!

Re: Any advice on unbinding a toddler?

  • I would love to hear some of these responses! Evan also gets very constipated at times with even a slight scare when he could not pass a bowel movement from how hard it was. :(

    Here are a few things that work for us...

    1. Raisin and oatmeal gerber

    2. Prunes in any way - juice, smashed, gerber

    3. cream cheese with raisins (careful because this can be fattening but it works great)

    4. white karo syrup in his milk

    5. Mix milk with water since milk can constipate

    6. Benafiber mixed with juice

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  • As an infant I gave Nicky dark karo syrup in his bottle and it worked right away.  You can probably add it to her milk or juice.  If it can wait til morning, call the pedi's office and ask how much you should use.  If she needs relief immediately, have you tried prune juice?????

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  • Also, just thinking about it some more....Nicky doesn't really have constipation issues, but as soon as he drinks undiluted apple juice he poops his brains out. (If you don't want to go the prune juice route).
  • Alexis has always had constipation issues and she eats tons of fruits and veggies and oatmeal.  My pedi suggested Miralax in her milk, I give her 1 tsp once a day when she gets really bad, and it fixes her. 
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  • we use regular prune juice, about 1oz - 2oz in his bottle of milk. that gets him going!
  • undiluted apple juice does the trick with abby!
  • Prune juice works wonders with Jake.. and if all else feels the handy dandy suppository always saves the day!
  • Prune juice always worked with Diego and once with Sofia. I add some water and give a little first to test. 
  • Honestly, Sophie goes poopy within 10 minutes of a glass of undilated orange juice.

    When she was little prunes worked.

    As a last resort, put some vaseline on the tip of a rectal thermometer and kind of massage the area to coax her stool to come out. That worked a few times for Sophie. Do this in intervals and pull her legs up and massage her belly.

    My BIL has had to give baby enemeas to my niece because she got so bad but I never had to resort to that and would not even know where to tell you to start.

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  • My god-daughter has always had issues pooping and her mom either put the white karo corn syrup in her milk or prune juice. It always helps!
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  • a Prune juice and water cocktail work for Spencer.  I can't believe I just answered a question for a toddler!

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