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Prednisone while Preggo?

Hi there! My name is Danielle, I'm 28, and due in July 2010. :o

I've been experiencing a terrible ulcerative colitis flare-up for over 2 weeks now, which I tried to get under control with diet and herbs... Unfortunately, the flare got so bad that I had to start taking Prednisone {30mg/day,} and Asacol {1600mg 2x/day}. Things aren't improving and I'm feeling horrible about being on the meds while preggo.

Has anyone else been prescribed Prednisone while pregnant? I'm very anti-meds in general, so I'm really struggling with all this.

Hoping for a speedy recovery & happy, healthy baby. <3


Re: Prednisone while Preggo?

  • My hubs is on prednisone.  The only thing I know about it is that they don't want you to be on it for very long because it causes all sorts of problems. Basically they told my husband that he would just be on it long enough to sort of shock the arthritis flare-up out of his body.. if that makes any sense.

    If you're not feelin better with it, then if it were me, I would ask for something different. When my husband started taking prednisone, the very first day he felt drastically better.  It is a very powerful drug, and I would think you should've felt somewhat better by now.  KWIM? But of course I'm no doctor!

     If I were you, I would definitely voice my concerns to the doc. I would tell him that you still feel crappy, and since prednisone is so powerful, you don't know that you feel comfortable taking it during pregnancy. They might switch you to something that actually works.


     OH! and be careful.... there's some ladies on here who will get snippy at you for saying "preggo"...  because "it's spaghetti sauce".. yadda yadda....(but yet they refer to their pregnancies as being "knocked up"... as if that's classier)..:::rolls eyes::: it's dumb... but wanted you to be prepared if they show. :)

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  • I haven't take Prednisone since I got pregnant, but I did have to take it about a year ago...It just made my moods really out of control, so I would talk to the doctor about taking it.  I know that my doctor told me that if something were to happen to me 6 months from the time I started taking the Prednisone, I needed to let someone know that I had taken the Prednisone, since I would not be able to take it again within that time period...I, personally, would not want to take it while I am pregnant, but it also made me feel like a crazy person when I wasn't pregnant....haha!  So, if you have issues with taking it, talk to your doctor and see if there is something else you can take instead!  Good luck!
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  • Thanks for the responses {and for the "preggo" tip. Jeez!}

    I decided to see my chiropractor on Monday & Wednesday, which helped a ton. I'm currently cycling off the Prednisone, thank goodness. Hoping for an rx-free 2nd and 3rd trimester. Big Smile

     XO, Danielle



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