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Stroller finally purchased!

Ugh - after weeks of researching I finally decided on a stroller AND bought it! Thanks so much for your recommendations earlier.

I got the BOB Revolution because it was under $400 and met the rest of my criteria.  So far I really like it. Of course I was really worried about the cost and it turns out my parents are going to buy it as a Christmas present for the family. Nice! Now I wish I had gotten the Uppababy one. ;)


Re: Stroller finally purchased!

  • Yay! Glad you got what you wanted even better you got it as a gift!
  • Hurray!  How fun!  Let us know how it handles in snow!
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  • Love my BOB revolution! I got mine at REI, someone had returned it so it was discounted. It handles really well on all terrain so far. I can't remember what the sidewalks are like in Boulder but in N Denver they are super narrow and have HUGE cracks more like fissures in them. You're gonna be really happy. Make sure you get the cupholder/ tray thing to go with it. It's really convenient to hold your keys, cellphone, drink.
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