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Approaching the end....

Can someone give me some advise...please


Ok, so we're approaching the end of the month. I took one round of provera for 10 days in October. I got AF October 25th for the first time since my natural mc in July. I've always had irregular cycles way before i got pregnant.

Should I be worried?? am I stressing this out?? Can anyone calculate when I'm suppose to get my period???

The first day of my last period was October 25-isnt AF suppose to be here already??? My cycles are usually 30-35 days and sometimes I just dont know wehn....and usually last 6-7 days!!!!!

On another note: I've never used one of those ovulation kits before...can someone help me....pleeeeeaaasseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Approaching the end....

  • I would not worry, but I would call for another round of provera.  Sometimes it takes a while for your body to adjust.  Ive never had "regular" periods and now the only time I do have them is with provera.

     My RE has me on a plan that after 36 days from the date of my CD1 with no period, call for a blood test and more provera.

    Best of luck...


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