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Does anyone else feel like this?

I am only a little over 5 weeks pregnant. It was unexpected but my boyfriend and I are SO excited. I am feeling really nervous and with every little cramp I get freaked out. I feel like every bad thing that could happen, is going to happen to me. My mom had a miscarriage before she had me but other than that she had 3 healthy babies. I am 21, healthy and I am taking my pre-natals religiously. I have been having period like cramps. They are the kind that you get a day or two before you start your period, but nothing too terrible and no bleeding. I have heard that they are normal but I can't help being nervous.

I watched the movie "Marley and Me" a few weeks ago. If anyone has ever watched that movie, it scared me. When she finds out that she had a miscarriage. I am terrified that I am going to go into my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and they are going to tell me "there is nothing in there, we're sorry." Does anyone else get this? Maybe I am just being crazy. I hate being like this, I don't want to spend my whole pregnancy worried that something is going to happen or worried about eating the wrong food. I read that you can't eat lunch meat, so I stopped eating it, my boyfriend probably thinks I've gone insane. I don't think I will calm down until the baby is here because I have heard horror stories about a week before the due date something goes wrong!!

Any advice? Someone help!!

Re: Does anyone else feel like this?

  • Honestly, you really need to take it easy mama. Your stressing out doesn't help at all!! You are going to be having all kinds of cramps, pains, etc throughout your pregnancy. You'll drive yourself nuts if you freak out about everything. This is all very out of your control and all you can do is be the best mama-to-be you can, and take good care of yourself. It goes quickly, so enjoy every minute of it :)

    I remember I was worried to go to my first appointment also. After that it got easier and easier and I worried less and less (it also helps a lot once you can feel the baby moving). You might want to mention to your dr the anxiety issues you're having, and maybe try to talk to your bf helps to get that stuff out. I'm not pregnant right now but it hasn't been too long for me. You can always PM me if you need to vent!

    And for the record, I ate lunch meat, delicious cold lunch meat! As long as you're not buying it from some dude named joe on the street that doesn't follow health code, the chances of anything happening are slim to none really. A subway, or mr goodcents or some place like that is fine. Your call to make of course. You can always heat in the microwave, that will kill off any bacteria that may be there, or just get a hot sub

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  • I think this is a very normal feeling for newly pregnant women. Everyone will worry but its the horror stories that we hear that make it even worse. You should be more excited and happy at this point than worried! Just think that it is only a small small percentage that something goes wrong with and think about how happy and amazing it will be in 8 months or so when baby is here!
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  • For me, it wasn't the constant worrying so much but the nightmares that would freak me out.  I found that keeping a journal about all of my thoughts, fears, exciting moments, future wishes, etc. really helped me handle everything.  It also helps when you're able to bring that in to your doctor and ask about all of the fears you have.  I'm having a bad experience with a diabetic student right now so I was paranoid that I was eating something that would cause my baby to have nutritional deficiencies for the rest of his life.  By writing it down and asking my doctor, I calmed down.

     I'm 22 and also got the period-like cramps.  Now that I'm in the 2nd trimester, I've gotten the aching from everything growing in there.  It's normal and I'm just trying to enjoy it.  We've got our age on our side though. 

    Best of luck!  Don't forget to try to relax and just enjoy the fact that you have a miracle growing inside of you. 

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