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Baby Book (Single Mom)

This weekend I went out and bought a baby book for Sophie. I thought it was adorable and bought it straight away. I got home and started looking at the lines to fill out. Like Daddy's first reaction to the pregnancy. Ugh. I can't exactly put "He sent mommy info on the abortion pill." I'm just not even sure that he'll choose to be involved after she's born and I don't want her to feel like she was unwanted.

So I returned the book and started looking for single parent baby books. There don't seem to be any I can find for around $20. They all seem to be at least $40 - sometimes $100! I'm so bummed.

I've thought about going back to get the other book & just ripping out the pages that mention "daddy", but those pages have other things on them that I'd like to keep. I suppose I could make one, but I'm sure I would just end up spending more than $20 anyway.

Any ideas? Or does anyone know of any other non-conventional baby books? Stupid hormones are probably making this a bigger deal that it should be. Crying or Very sad

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Re: Baby Book (Single Mom)

  • I would keep the regular book and just leave it blank where the Daddy is concerned. She will appreciate it with or without his information.
  • I ran across the same problem.. I don't feel like putting well I told Daddy I'm pregnant and he grabbed a beer and ran outside to hide.  So I am just making my own scrapbook.  It is more than the $20 but I'm going to use it for her first year or so.
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  • I have a scrapbook which I prefer to a baby book anyway.  I have pics of my preg test, all her ultrasounds, belly pics, reactions, thoughts, milestones, DVDs of 4D ultrasounds.  I wish I would have kept on it after she was born but there was no time!!
  • I would buy a really pretty journal... and then periodically (every doctors appt? or every Friday or something like that) and write it in that way.  Then she can have a journal of your thoughts/feelings and you can specify what you want in it :)
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  • Yeah - I guess I'll just have to make my own. I just can't believe that there aren't more out there. Especially since it's 2009 and famillies are all so different now.

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  • You could leave the daddy pages blank or fill them up with pictures. Thats what i did. I mean there were a few spots where i filled in the info on her father but i covered the rest of the stuff.. reactions, how he felt and his thoughts... ect.

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  • Amazon has a few nice ones, it just depends on your price range.

    Baby of Mine is a very nice one and is under $20.

    Another option is "And then there was me" but it's about $45.

  • SAME hun! I got a maternity book for my little monster & it's so annoying all the daddy parts.  Even my pregnancy calendar has daddy stuff on it! Maybe it's MY hormones too but I hate it.  I'm a single mommy by choice for now & I don't regret it at all, I wish other companies would realize not every family is the perfect 'wife-husband-baby' combo.
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