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New Bumpie!!!

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to say that I just found out that we are expecting on Halloween!!!  Doctors are saying I'm about six weeks and doing well.  I'm 27 years old and this is my first pregnancy.  I'm so excited and so scared right now (more excited than anything).  We were not expecting to have any babies any time soon because of my boyfriend's prior chemo treatment.  He was telling me that he was going to have to go through some hormone treatment to get his sperm count up again. 

 Infact, just last week on Oct. 26 he was getting a bit weepy about not being able to have kids right away and how it would affect how soon we would be trying to have a family.  He said that it looks like the only way to have a family would be to probably adopt.  Well about 5 days later I found out that we are expecting!!!  You should of seen his face light up!Big Smile

Anyways I just want to say hello and I know the road will be long and sometimes hard but well worth it!

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