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Tonight was one of those nights

where a dominant thought in my head was  "THIS is why I had a kid!"

We went ToTing in downtown Edmonds and DS was so excited and happy and well behaved and we all jsut had such a great time.  He ran around the house all playful and cute in his costume and it was just a great night to be a mom.




Re: Tonight was one of those nights

  • Halloween is so fun with kids!!  I'm glad you both enjoyed yourselves.
  • Glad you enjoyed it!  I agree, Halloween is so much more fun with kids.  Meg and I stopped by a friends house on our way home.  She is a single college girl and she and her friends were all dressed up and ready to hit the town.  They felt bad that I had to stay home with my kid.  No way, I had so much more fun with her than I would at any party.
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  • We also had a great day, so much fun with kiddos.  And I enjoy him being candy go-getter.

  • I bet! I am soo excited for next Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas with a LO!!! :) DH thinks I'm nuts for talking about it already, lol
  • I couldnt agree more! DH and my parents told me they couldn't decide who was having more fun, myself or Jacob, lol. We made sure to go out early and come home late...and it was so much fun to see Jake RUN up to every house, ring the doorbell (and then say trick or treat right away) ..ahh, priceless!!
  • It will be so fun to take Max trick-or-treating! It was way fun this year to get to dress him up. And you have an adorable giraffe!
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