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MIL coming dreading it

she is an awesome lady and we never bumpd heads until james was born. now she questions everything i do and makes comments like "oh he looks just like matt (my husband). if i didnt know you gave birth to him i wouldnt even know he was yours" (this i have heard weekly for the past 2 months)

i love when she comes to visit and see the baby but i dont want to leave her alone with him. or anyone for that matter. i just dont trust anyone! and to make matters worse she is staying at our house 2 nights and lets jus say my house wasnt in MIL working on it but i will admit it will NEVER be to her standards (her housekeeper does all her cleaning so easy for her to say)



Re: MIL coming dreading it

  • Hang in there.  Hopefully it goes better than expected!
  • My MIL lives right down the road and drives me nuts most days, lol.  She means well and all, but ugh.  She was perfectly delightful until SIL had her baby 4 months before DD#2, after that she became very difficult to deal with.  She would spend 5 minutes with DS but would take credit for teaching him his abcs when he actually learned them at home.  Or when DD stuck her tongue out at my SIL (not the one above), MIL insisted that SIL taught her that when it was really DD saying, "Scuse me, I'm thirsty/hungry.  Can I get a little bottle here?". 

    I think she was just so excited to have grandbabies that every little thing they did was because of her son.  She first met DD#1 when she was 5 and while MIL and FIL accepted her as their own (and 1st) grandchild, they didn't get her baby years to coo over and make comparisons.

    I hope that things go well with the visit and that it goes better than you expect Smile

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  • You sound just like me when I had my first child.  Boy, how times have changed:)  I was a paranoid psycho.  I didn't want anyone to touch her and everything anyone did and said annoyed me.  I, too, dreaded all visitors except my own mother.  Now.....I am a mommy of two and new woman with a new attitude.

    She also sounds like my MIL when it comes to children looking like her baby boy.  She's not trying to annoy you.  She's just basking in the joy of her son having baby.  You don't have to leave her alone with him (although you could take advantage and have a great nap).  She wouldn't harm a hair on her sweet son's baby.  As far as the house work.....girl, please.  You have more important things to worry about.  Maybe she'll feel sorry for you and wash some dishes and do a couple of loads of laundry.  It'll be over before you know it!


  • Wow what a terrible thing for MIL to say (re: looking like your H).  That would be completely offensive to me too.  Good luck getting through the next few days.  I really, really dislike my MIL and couldn't imagine her questioning my care for my kids or leaving her to take care of them alone.  I'm not sure if James has SN but I note your siggy pic he (is/was) in the NICU.  DD was in the NICU and has a skin condition and I was really hesitant for anyone to watch her too.  I think we're scarred from the NICU experience because we weren't able to take her home right away.

    I hope it goes better than you expect.

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