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Need your opinion about buying on Craiglist...

I've spoken to several friends who swear by Craiglist for baby items. My husband really wants the Baby Bjorn carrier and I found it locally for $30 bucks..The seller said was hardly ever used..My mom starts freaking out about used items especially items that will be close to the baby (what ifs this other baby threw up, what if they were sick, etc...)..What's your opinion??? I'm so confused...Having twins can be very expensive!!

Re: Need your opinion about buying on Craiglist...

  • I got a couple things on craigslist for my mom - to have an "extra" at her house, like a swing.  We had no problems at all.  I think it's great as long as you're careful not to bu into any of the scams that are out there!

    You should also look into twins clubs.  My SIL has twins and belongs to a twins club and I know that they do consignment sales and things.  She lives in nashville, but I'm sure they have that down here too.

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  • Can the BabyBjorn be washed? If so, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. You can just throw it in the washing machine and get it nice and disinfected. If it can't be washed, I would be a little bit more hesitant.
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  • I would not worry. Just make sure it comes from a smoke free home and have the owner write out the washing instructions to make sure you can machine wash it.  And then just wash it in really hot water with vinegar in the rinse cycle....  it'll come out perfect! The vinegar kills EVERYTHING.


  • Thank you ladies for your suggestions!! I made an appointment to meet with her today...
  • you would wash it, wouldn't you?  I wouldn't worry to much about that; if you weren't going to wash it, that would be a different story!

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  • Hi, Baby Bjorns can be washed and I've bought things on craigslist too to have as "extras". Wash them if you can or clorox wipe them down, if you can't and you should be fine.  Remember that there is nothing wrong about contacting the seller, going to see the item and if, after scoping out their place, you get any heebie jeebies about the owner's hygeine, then you nicely back out.

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