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:::crickets::: How about a poll?

I saw this discussion on the 24 months and up board and thought it would be interesting to see what you guys do!

1) Is your child going to be allowed to eat Halloween candy this year? Has he/she had any candy at all?

2) Which annoys you more - older kids with no costumes that come trick or treating OR parents with infants who collect candy for a baby you know is not going to be the one eating it?



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Re: :::crickets::: How about a poll?

  • Smile Hi Mel

    1. Nope...she's too little for candy!

    2. Def older kids with no costumes...

    okay sneaking back to work now! lol Huh? 


  • 1) Sophie has already had dum-dums and M&Ms so I think I will say yes on SOME of the candy and sparingly. Last thing I want is a sugar rushed kid bouncing off my walls.

    2) Older kids with no costumes and pillow cases or grocery bags for candy just ANNOY me! At least put a little effort into it - even if it is homemade. It does not take much to come out in your PJs, slippers, and mom's hair rollers or shower cap. :)

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  • 1. she's only tasted chocolate...and on some occassions. i still won't give her any candy (ex: lollipops etc)  but she can have a few chocolate pieces

    2. older kids without a doubt.

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  • YES!! What's halloween without candy! Obviously I won't go overboard but I really believe that everything in moderation :)  I will be careful and not give her anything that she can choke on, like hard candy, but she really likes chocolate - like her mommy!

    Older kids definitely.

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  • No candy for Zoe! Not til she slims down, lol!

     I definitely think older kids without a costume is worse than an adult with a toddler!

  • 1)  nope, chocolate makes her throw up!!  she's NOT my child!  lol  I've given her tastes of chocolate, to get her used to sugar before her bday, and every time she's puked.  boo.

    2)  older kids with no costumes.  They just want the candy.  The parents with the infants want the experience of their first time trick or treating and take pictures you know?  lol  It's baby's 1st!!  We're not doing it this year b/c I want her in bed at a normal hour... her bday party is the next day!  I hate the older kids on our block who came to our house last year, rinbging the doorbell repeatedly and screaming.  I am going to post a BIG sign on our door that says "If you wake the baby you get NO CANDY." lol

  • 1. Yes - my kids will be allowed to eat their candy, in moderation of course!  I'm wondering how Chelsea will react?  I don't think we've given her candy yet?  COokies and cake - yes but I don't think candy...maybe gummy bears. 

    2.  Definitely the older kids!  Put on a mask - draw a mustache at least?!

  • 1. Definitely. I believe in everything in moderation as well which means my kid has already had candy. 

    2. Jorge and I never used to celebrate Halloween until now and we have been out of our house so I have not experienced any trick or treaters at my door. I can't say which one will annoy me for that reason. 

  • - He hasn't had anything other then pieces of cake/cupcake

    - Older kids 100%, babies do not bother me at all... hee hee thats why me and DH are taking J "Trick or Treating".

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