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spelling of megan

How would you spell megan? 







it is at the top of our list but we totally disagree on the spelling.....thanks!!!


Re: spelling of megan

  • I like Megan best, although I have friends who spell it each of the first three ways. I think the last two spellings would change the pronunciation of the name to something like mee-gan.

    I actually love the name Megan, and I'd consider using it if I didn't have a cousin named Megan. Coming from a big family makes choosing names even harder!

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  • just megan :)

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  • As a MEGAN myself, I have to choose my own spelling Wink  but I think it also depends on if you want to acknowledge a heritage in your families. Each spelling comes from a different background and that may make it more meaningful to you.

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  • Megan. It's the most common spelling and any other spelling will cause her to always spell out her name. I know someone named Meghan and she HATES that her name has the "h" in it. 
  • thanks ladies.  I like it the plain megan way but DH likes all these other letters.....haha


    I'm the teacher though, not him...keep it simple 

  • megan
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  • I know some that spell it Megan and Meghan. Those are probably my two favorites.

  • Just Megan. ?My parents changed the spelling of my name a bit (Mandie instead of the more common Mandy) and while I like it, it's a PITA because everything is always misspelled. ?

    And FWIW, I think Maeghan looks hideously butchered. ??

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  • I like the Megan spelling the most. The other spellings just look off to me, but that could be because my sister's name is Megan, so I'm used to that spelling.
  • I like Meagan or Megan, My SIL spells it the first way, so like pp's that what I am used to seeing.

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  • Megan
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  • I like the plain and simple way of spelling it, Megan.
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  • I'm also a Megan, so I have to go with the simplest spelling. 
  • image soon2Bmrspower:

    I know some that spell it Megan and Meghan. Those are probably my two favorites.


    This. I prefer Megan, but both are pretty standard spellings.

  • I have a friend who is spelled Mehgan and she loves it, but out of your choices I like Meghan the best
  • image soon2Bmrspower:

    I know some that spell it Megan and Meghan. Those are probably my two favorites.

    i agree.  i like both of these spellings.

  • Megan. I am a bit biased, but I think it's the easiest way to spell it. Also I don't think you will see Meaghan or Maeghan on keychains anytime soon...just something to think about.
  • Most people I know spell it Meghan.
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  • The only person I know called Meghan spells it Meghan.
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  • Out of the 10 Megans I know in Australia, UK and the States (myself included) only two of them spell it with an H. Everyone else has the normal spelling.

     Although I talk to people around the country on the phone, and receive emails and faxes often and its AMAZING how people butcher Megan. I've gotten Magen(dutch surname), Maeghanne(seriously), MaygeAnne, Megghan etc... Really just keep it simple, people will butcher it on their own.

  • Any way other than Megan is annoying to me.
  • I spell my name Meagan.  I'm older, mid 30's and I was the only Meagan at my school when I was a child.  The different spellings are due to different origins, people always thing Megan is an Irish name and it is not, it's German.  Meaghan is the Irish spelling.  Since I'm Irish-German, I guess my mom combined them.  Another thing is the pronunciation, Megan has a strong E sound like, Meg and Peg, Meagan is a strong A sound, like May, or Ray.  Luckily I grew up in the Reagan era and was able to  tell people its like Reagan, but with a M. As for key chains and name plaques, they didn't even have Megan most times when I was a kid...I survived, without therapy. Smile
  • Kristin KD and I have the name taste in names. I really like Megan too and I prefer simple not unique spellings of names. Thats just my style.. more classic than trying to come up with something unique but everyone likes something different.



  • Megan and Meghan are my choice.
    Meagan/Meaghan - changes the pronounciation to mee-gan
    Maeghan- changes the pronounciation to may-gan

    So dependng on how you want to pronounce it too!

  • I prefer Meghan. But my second choice is Megan, I don't like the other spellings.
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  • image caeliesmom:
    I'm also a Megan, so I have to go with the simplest spelling. 


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  • As a sister of a Megan, go with Megan. People will try to put extra letters in it no matter how you spell it, but at least give her the option of being able to say "the simple" way. In contrast, we knew a Meaghann. Nightmare.
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  • Go with Megan.  This is what people will probably assume when you say the name and anything else will be annoying to explain.  My BFF is Meghann, which I like the look of, but it is forever misspelled.
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  • NOT the last two. The first three are all fine. My SIL spells it Megan, which I think is the most common. However I have seen the other 2 several times each. I think they are a little different without being "weird" or "made-up". I would probably go with Meghan personally.


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