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OB recommendations in Jacksonville

Hi, I am 5 weeks pregnant with my first child. I have always gone to my regular physician for annual check ups and don't have a GYN. Does anyone have any recommendations for excellent OB's in the Jacksonville area? Also, any suggestions on questions to ask in interviews and am I charged an office fee or anything for a visit to interview the OB? Thanks for your help in advance! 

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  • A lot of what you want to consider when choosing an OB/Midwife depends on the type of birth you'd like - are you planning to deliver med-free or did you want to get an epidural? 

    My OB was wonderful, I delivered my son med-free with an OB practice that's notorious for using a lot of interventions.  I adored the doctors though and they were all extremely willing to work with me, I think it helped that I was extremely knowledgable about what I was doing (thanks to my Bradley classes) so I wasn't just random chick coming in saying "hey, I want to do this the old fashioned way" for no good reason.

    If that's not a concern, I totally recommend the North Florida OB/GYN group at Baptist South - Dr's Conner, Paulk, VanBennekom, Greenwald, Greenhaw and Stoddard.  Their NP is awesome too.

  • I go to Dr. Kim-Aschi's office at the women's special care clinic off university. it's across from Memorial Hosp. where we will deliver, and she came highly recommended, and they take a huge variety of insurance! GL in your search, and don't be afraid to switch if you are satisfied with your care, i did and it was for the better.
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  • This is also my first baby (we're thinking I'm around 7 weeks), and I have made my first appointment with FABEN OGBYN downtown at Baptist Pavilion. Does anyone know anything about them?
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  • One of the girls on the local Nest board used FABEN and I think she was really satisfied with them :)
  • Well I ended up going to the Boyd, McIntyre group with North Fl OBGYN. They were all really nice and have answered all of my questions (which I've had a million of)! I'm looking forward to having them deliver my first baby at Baptist Downtown. Good luck to everyone!
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