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before and after school care cost

Can anyone give me an idea how much before and after school care costs?  Thanks! 

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Re: before and after school care cost

  • I actually just happened to ask my step-mom this the other day.

    She said that last year SACC was around $400/month.  It's hard to tell what it will be by the time we need it.

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  • Here are the Ffx Cty fees for the school program:

    I imagine you could find "in-home" before and after school care in your neighborhood.  I know of at least one lady that does it in our neighborhood, though she charges an arm and a leg because she also tutors.

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  • I live in Loudoun County and the kids can arrive at school at 7:30 so a lot of places (unless it is a day care) don't do the before school care. Where my son goes and CASA (the after school care) both charge around $275 a month. When my son was in Kind. we paid $475 for after K until we picked him up (11am-6pm).

    Another big change from day care to after school is, most day cares will stay open until 6:30...the after school programs mostly close at 6. Those 30min take a little getting used to (esp around here with the traffic situation)

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