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My birth story: 37 hour labor

Mallory is taking a nap and I finally got a chance to type up our birth story.  I always enjoyed reading these so I wanted to share with you... 
Friday (Sept 18) we had a quiet evening. We had dinner at Pei Wei and then hung out around the house watching TV. A friend stopped by for a visit later in the evening and we went to bed around 11:00. Shortly after, my third trimester snoring kicked in and I left our bedroom for sleep in the guest room. At 2:30 AM I woke up to go to the bathroom and when I stood felt a trickle big enough to make me think my water may be breaking. I woke up Craig and he suggested I lay back down for a little while and see what happens. I got up 30 minutes later and when I stood there was more trickle so I called the midwife on call. I wasn't having painful contractions and was just feeling crampy. She suggested that I go to bed and give them a call in the morning. (I was never a big fan of this particular midwife and was glad to hear one I liked would be on call at 9 the next morning). The best thing I could do was get some rest. Later that night I lost another large piece of the mucus plug. We tried to sleep but knowing we would be going into the hospital to have Mallory made it difficult. I laid in bed alot and around 4:30 AM noticed contractions starting -- about 10 minutes apart, lasting about 60 seconds each.

Saturday morning we got up at 7:30 and ate breakfast. I got in the shower and called the midwife at 9:00. She suggested we continue to labor at home until the contractions were five minutes apart or by 2:30 PM (12 hours after my water had broken). She also said she wouldn't mind if I called again at noon to just check in with her.

That morning we finished packing our bags, ran an errand, and at some lunch. I called to check in with the midwife at 12:30 after a walk and told her they contractions were becoming more painful but not any closer fact some of them were spaced further apart. She said to go ahead and come in to the hospital.

We checked in and were in the room and changed by 1:30 PM. They put me on the monitor and did an internal exam. We were 90% effaced but still only 1 cm. At 5:00 PM the nurse suggested laboring in the shower for 30 minutes to help me relax. At 5:45 PM they started me on Pitocin and we continued to labor until 8:45 PM when they checked my cervix again. We were at 3 cm dilated and started to discuss whether I would want any pain medication during the labor. We decided to hold off on the epidural for awhile and instead they started me on Nubain. It helped with the pain and made me quite loopy. I'm not sure I was making much sense at this point. The midwife also did some research into my history and let us know that a cone biopsy I had in 2007 after an abnormal Papsmear was likely the reason why we weren't dilating on our own. Apparently there can be scar tissue after a procedure like that. I thought it was interesting to finally understand why I was contracting for weeks with no cervix progress.

From 9 PM to 11:00 PM they continued to increase my dosage of Pitocin and by 11:45 PM I was dilated to 5 cm. At this time I decided I wanted the epidural. It took the anethesiologist an hour and a half to come to my room (despite being told he'd "be right there"). The first epidural started to kick in around 1:15 AM and I could still feel pain on the left side. He had to remove the epidural and start over. Ugh. Finally, around 2:30 AM, I had some relief. During the epidural drama I had dilated from 5 to 7 cm and while waiting for the relief, the contractions were really intense. I was blacking out in between each one. I got to 8 cm by 3:15 AM. When I finally felt numb, we got some sleep.

At 7 AM Sunday morning, they checked my cervix and I was fully dilated and Mallory was at a +1 station. We continued to labor until 8:30 when I started to notice that the epidural was wearing off. They gave me a bolis (spelling?) to help relieve some of the pain. At 9:30 AM, they restarted the Pitocin to help strengthen the contractions and push Mallory down. At 10:40 I suddenly had the urge to push and with no nurses in the room at the time had to resist. We got the nurse in the room quickly and my family went to the waiting room. We began pushing and things were progressing well. Just as things were getting really intense and we could see Mallory's head, I let them know I was feeling a side stitch. The epidural was wearing off again. They gave me another bolis but it was too late. I pushed for roughly 2.5 hours and felt most of it through the faded epidural.

Mallory Elisabeth was born at 1:17 PM. Shortly after she was born, that second bolis kicked in and my legs went numb. Grr. It ended up being a good thing though that I was numb at that point because I had a 3rd degree tear, another external tear and an episiotomy. It took about 50 minutes to sew me up. At 9 lbs, 2 oz and 22.25 inches long, Mallory was a chunkster!

The pain was a 100x worse then I ever thought it would be but it was totally worth it. At 41 weeks and 4 days and after 37 hours of labor, nothing went as expected but we wouldn't change a thing!
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