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Hi guys, I don't post on the nest very frequently, but used to be active on the knot board way back when - I just don't have as much time anymore, so I apologize if none of you recognize me! ?

I wanted to let you guys know about a photographer in the area before you book them for any of your photo shoots... My cousin got married in San Antonio two weeks ago on a Friday evening and booked Moxie Photo Studio, who takes beautiful pictures and based on her website, seems pretty legit. HOWEVER - the photographer never showed up to the wedding, did not answer her phone after numerous attempts trying to get ahold of her before the wedding started and sadly, has not even contacted my cousin or the other contacts she had in an attempt to apologize or make things right. The morning after the wedding, she posted a blog that her "worst nightmare" had happened - she wasn't feeling well, turned her phone off, missed the wedding and woke up the next day thinking the wedding was THAT day, until she checked her voicemail and realized she missed it completely. She said that she would be willing to do "whatever it took" to make it up, however she has not even called to offer an apology. She has subsequently taken the blog post down.This is a day that happens ONCE and for the photographer to never show and further, not even contact anyone to apologize, is incredibly sad, highly unprofessional and downright rude.This photographer does not do weddings regularly, but mostly newborn and family sessions, which is why I wanted to let YOU know... It is so unfortunate that this happened and completely crushing to know that it happened to someone I know and love on her wedding day... it wasn't just a photoshoot on a day in the park that can be recreated. It was her WEDDING.

So please keep this in mind when choosing someone to take your next family photos...?

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