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Moving to SA.

Hi girls. We are being relocated to SA next month. I am looking for a nice area to live. My husband will be working at Lackland afb, but I know the areas close to bases are not good. Can someone give me some sort of guidance as far as good areas. I keep hearing north side, but does that mean, north east or north west? I've also heard of 1604 & potranco is nice.

I'm just looking for some insight into nice family friendly places to live. we'll be renting for the first year just to make sure we're in a good place. I'd like to keep the rent under 1300 a months if possible.

anyway....any suggestions would be extremely helpful!. We'll have some time when we get there to look for places but I'd like to have a general area that we'd be looking in.

 Thanks girls!

Re: Moving to SA.

  • Yes, the area out by Sea World is a good area if your DH is working at Lackland. I'm not too familiar w/ rental properties, but you can check out:


    there is a section on real estate searches....

    good luck and welcome!

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  • I live near 1604 and I-10, but commute to the 1604 and Potranco are for work everyday. That side of town is blowing up....a lot of communities are going up around Potranco and Culebra, all different price ranges. His commute would be about 10-15 minutes to Lackland.


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  • I live in the 1604 and Culebra area, and really like the area and the families that are moving in. Most of the developments are booming, so going to one that's closer to Potranco will save you some time with commuting. The rent in this area is decent, too, as there were a ton of rental home buyers a few years ago. There are enough homes sitting empty for 6-8 months that you can negotiate the rent down for most of these homes...especially the new ones! Good luck and remember to use your resources (USAA if you are military, or someone that your DH might have thru work for relocation assistance.)
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