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NBR: Chest Freezers?

Our freezer is bursting at the seams right now and I want to buy more frozen stuff!  I have finally convinced DH that we need an extra freezer in our house. So, now I need to know how big is big enough?  Is 5 cu ft big or small? 

Also, does anyone have any experience w/ the brand Haier?  I've been looking online and that brand seems to be the best deal.


Re: NBR: Chest Freezers?

  • I have a Haier and its fine....inherited from my dad.  I have no idea how big it is, but its full!  That is the bad thing, stuff just seems to multiply in there.  When I was BF it was awesome for my stash and its alot colder than our kitchen refrig/freezer. 
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  • We just bought our 5 cft one from Home Depot for $179. I think it will be big enough. I just started loading ours...I didn't fill it with any pre-made food, but I played butcher to some turkey and chicken last week! It fits perfectly in the garage without taking up a lot of space...plus, I can actually reach almost all the way down....
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  • BTW  costco has a 7 cu foot on instant rebate right now- it's $209.99.  I prefer the 7 cu ft to the 5 cu ft, it just give you some extra room.
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