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Spanish wording for baby shower invites!???

Lord help me with my reading and writing Spanish! They are horrible!

I'm helping my aunt plan another aunts baby shower! I want to have a cute "poem" or phrase on the top of the invite and then in the middle put the info and such.

She's having a little girl. The mom to-be wants an adult only lunch and gift cards/ money to be given instead of registering.

Can you ladies PLEASE help me!!! Oh and the invites need to be sent out by Tuesday!!!!!!

 Thank you soo much!!! 

Re: Spanish wording for baby shower invites!???

  • Wish I could help, but my Spanish is not the best.  I just want to say that you are sweet to help plan!  And that you might want to try to get her to rethink registering b/c if she doesn't, then she is going to get a whole lotta stuff that not only does she not want but can't return to boot.  Especially with a girl--people cannot help themselves--they will bring her tons of clothes b/c people love to shop for a little baby girl.

    I hope someone else can help with the Spanish part!


  • check out

    if i remember i think they had spanish invite wordings


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  • Hey! This is how I worded mine:

    Claribel y Christian los invitan a celebrar el bautizo de su hijo Abraham Christian el domingo 13 de septiembre 2009 a la 1:45 de la tarde

    (name of church)

    posteriormente agradecemos su presencia en un almuerzo en la casa de la familia (and address)

    confirmar su asistencia al (phone number) o (emaik) antes del 5 de septiembre

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  • wow, I read "baptism invites" LOL sorry!! 

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  • I just found this on some website...I think it's cute:

    Vestidos de encaje, Lacitos en el cabello,
    Tanto que hacer...
    Una linda bebita esta a punto de nacer !
    Acompanenos a celebrar el Baby Shower
    en honor de

    Angelica y Freddy

    Sabado, 15 de Julio del 2000 a las 4:30 p.m
    Caffe Abbracci 318 Abbracci
    318 Aragon Avenue
    Coral Gables, Florida

    Not sure how to word all the other stuff you mentioned about gift cards/money and adults only :(

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