3rd Trimester

Weird thoughts about baby hats...

I was putting LO's clothes away (got a HUGE box from my parents today...yay!) and there were a couple hats.

Most people would look at them and ooh and ahh over how little and cute they are, but the only thing I thought of was "holy Jesus, I'm going to be pushing that out my vajayjay in a few weeks..."

Stupid me...

Re: Weird thoughts about baby hats...

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    hehe thanks for making me scared of baby hats ;-)

    1st pregnancy: m/c began 1/12/09 d&c 1/13/09 8wks. Baby stopped growing at about 6wks.

    Delaney: Born 10/15/09

    Gavin: Born 4/8/11

    Baby #3: due July 10, 2014


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    I'm not as worried about the head as I am about the shoulders! Indifferent
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    their skull doesn't fuse till after they're out.  It's a very squishable head when it's on its way out.
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