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how much stock are you putting in names' meanings?

My totally obsessive question of the day: H loves a name that's super cute--but it means unlucky or ill-fated. Would you care? (I probably would have cared way less, but after being diagnosed with SUA at our 20week u/s, I'm feeling I don't wan to saddle this kid with any more bad luck than she already has! Confused)
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Re: how much stock are you putting in names' meanings?

  • None. We just picked names we liked and looked up there meanings as a trivial afterthought. If you love a name, I wouldn't worry about all.

    It does so happen that one of the middle names we are considering means "born on Christmas" and I'm due Dec 27, but that is purely coincidental and we would be considering that name anyway. 


    As with everything pg and baby related, it's really an individual thing. 

  • I think I'd be okay with it.  Our name list doesn't have to do with meanings.  You could try to balance it by finding a name with a mitigating meaning, like "defies fate" or something...
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  • Some.  Our boys are named for Biblical figures (first name) and men in our family (middle name).  I never actually looked up what the name itself means.  If we ever have a girl she will be named for my grandmother. 

    Most people will have no idea what the name itself means, so I say do not worry about it.  

  • zilch! where do the meanings of names even come from? 
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  • none. We pick names that have meaning to us (like they belonged to grandparents or great-grandparents, etc). That is the only meaning I concern myself with.
  • A little... I loved the name Cain.  DH hated it, as did everyone else except me, it seems.  So we settled on Caleb instead.
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  • We paid a little attention to it.  I wouldn't have picked something that meant "harlot" or something else derrogatory.  Make sure you check multiple languages for the meaning, then maybe you can find one for the name you like that works for you!
  • None at all!  I don't even know what the meanings are for the names we picked.
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  • None! DH looks at the meaning on his iphone app. The only time he cares about the meaning is if he already doesn't like the name.
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