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Hello....Anyone out there???

Hi all,

Just thought I would see who all is out there.  Any expecting mommies?  If so how far along are you?

As you can see in my siggy I am 6w0d today.  And looking forward to the first u/s in a couple weeks.

Re: Hello....Anyone out there???

  • Hi Janae! :)

    Oklahoma Mommy-to-be here, but you knew that already! :) HA! :)

    I'm due 4 days later than you are - April 27th. Have you decided where you're delivering? Is this your first LO or are you an "expert" at this stuff alreadfy? It's my first; I'm so excited.

    So, very, excited! :)


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  • Hello Mommies!  My little girl was born on April 27th!  I just saw this board today! 

    Broken Arrow. 


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  • Hi SlagleA!  Congrats to you.  April seems to be a popular month.  My birthday is in April as well as daddies.

    So Afton, if you are a transplant where were you previously?  And, I think I said this already but if no a big Congrats to you as well.

    My docs name is Schlinke (funny I know, but he is a GREAT doc).  He is with Integris so I believe it will be at Baptist.  This will be my first as well so we are in the same boat.  So do you know when your first appt will be or have you already had one.  Who is your Dr?

  • @Slagle! Congrats!

    @Janae: I'm a Navy brat, so I grew up a little here, a little there. I've been in Oklahoma the longest than any other state, so I've begun saying I'm from here, even though technically I am not. I was born in the Philippines on the former naval base, Subic Bay.

    I saw a Schlinke once for internal medicine, but he was a Mercy doc. Is your Schlinke a woman or a man; maybe they're related! I've had my first appointment already because my progesterone levels were super low (16) and my HCG levels were super high. Ripe for a m/c. Confused, so it's been kinda bumpy these first few weeks. Had my first u/s this past Monday, and Minnow looks good so far. I'm on a progesterone supplement and my HCG levels are looking okay. I have to go back Monday for more testing and I meet my midwife Friday. Right now my doctor is Dr. Reshef (https://www.elireshefmd.com/), but he only takes care of prenatal through the first heartbeat (so...hopefully! Monday). After that, I begin seeing a midwife through OU Medical Cent'ers Nurse-Midwifery program. I'm SUPER stoked about that. My midwife is named Dusty Grupe.

  • Hey all, congrats!  My name is Amanda, I'm due 11/26/09 (Thanksgiving).  We are having our first and his name will be Deacon Jeffrey.  I'm already in the 3rd tri!!!  Hope all goes well for your guys.  My doctor is at Lakeside Women's Hospital, her name is Dr. Vaughen.
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  • I just discovered this board as well. I've heard of Dr. Schlinke... my mom used to go to him... maybe still does... not sure. My ob is Dr. Dobbins in Yukon.
  • I swear I've heard of Schlinke...Maybe I wen tto him once in college?? HMM.


    Congrats to all the expecting mothers! SO exciting!

    We are almost ready for the whole TTC thing and I am pretty excited to get started.

    Any wonderful tips from people who were obviously successful??

  • We weren't really trying but we weren't not trying either.  All I can say is as hard as it may be don't over think it.  Just let what happens happen :)  GL and hopefully we will see you on the 1st tri board soon!!!

  • Hi!


    i'm in Broken Arrow and have only been here since mid-May.  DD turned a year in July and I would LOVE another one.  DH says we need to wait 6 more months.  I

    Congrats to all you pregnant ladies!

  • Hello ladies! I'm in OKC and I have a 9 month old.?

    There are a lot of us who post more frequently on the OK nestie board and we have monthly GTG's. Just throwin' that out there :-P

  • Hi girls!  I'm in OKC and have a 2 year old son and a 1 month old daughter.  I also post much much much more frequently on the OK Nestie board, but I didn't know this board was here until now!
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  • Hi Everyone!  I live in Mustang.  I'm 10 weeks and 2 days.  My due date is April 14th!  Congrats to everyone and I look forward to going through the journey of pregnancy with ya'll. 
  • Hi. I live in OKC, and I am due March 22, so I am 15 weeks. So glad to know there are other Oklahoma Mommies on here. ;-)
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