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3rd Trimester

anyone burping up foam?

early in this pregnancy, i would burp and burp up foam. i thought it was weird, but it went away.

now, its happening again. i drink tons of water non-stop all day long and i burp up foam. the foam sometimes has a weird metallic-y taste.

i tried googling it, but couldnt find anything except for someone mentioning acid reflux? but i dont have any pain or i didnt eat anything but a granola bar and a bag of cereal. (for example)

it doesnt hurt to burp it up and i dont have heartburn or indigestion (i dont think) either....

Re: anyone burping up foam?

  • Yep I get that at night mostly! It is acid reflux. It doesn't hurt, it's just really gross/annoying!

    It also doesn't matter what I eat! It even happens to me when I'm hungry!

    I take prilosec everyday to help it. But I still have it off and on! Tums only worked a little for me!

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  • Um, you should prob. call your doctor?!
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  • imageSpring_07:
    Um, you should prob. call your doctor?!

    i see him wednesday, ill ask him then. just wanted to see if anyone else had this happen to them.

  • Yep, it's from acid reflux
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