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Nutrition drinks while pg

I was thinking about trying Ensure or "Instant Breakfast" or something to help me fill up all those calories (and calcium) I need.

Any suggestions? 

Are there any that are just gross that I should stay away from?

Re: Nutrition drinks while pg

  • Every morning I drank a protein shake and had a yogurt for breakfast. It's called SPIRU-TEIN from Nature's Plus.  It's completely vegetarian and you don't need a blender.  I love Peaches and Cream.  I mix w/ oj, but you can use milk or H2O.  I bought it at a health food store.
  • just read the label on what it is sweetened with!  Stay away from artificial sweeteners.
  • I've been drinking Belly bar Due for Chocolate shake. Super yummy and great source of calcium and other nutrients (8 grams protein).



  • I often have chocolate instant breakfast - super yummy,no blender needed! I will suggest you double the milk tho or it will be really thick and too chocolaty (sp??).

  • I love Instant breakfast drink, chocolate and chocolate malt.  if you like malts, the chocolate malt is definitely good in my opinion.

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