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Overland Park TTD?

Looking for things to do/places to see / best spots in Overland Park, KS.  We'll be in town for a couple weeks with the children. Also, can you rec a parents night out or drop in care facility?

Re: Overland Park TTD?

  • There aren't many things to do here other than go shopping! Town Center Plaza is a great place! It's an open air mall with tons of stores! As far as restaurants go, depending on your price range, The Cheesecake Factory and Bristol Seafood grill (in town center area) are great places to eat!

     I don't know of any drop in care facilities as my husband and I are still TTC.

     Good luck and I hope you have fun on your trip! :) 

  • In kansas city, mo you should go to kailediscope. Only 20 minutes from O.P. Kaelediscope is part of Hallmark. Kids get to make crafts and projects...a lot of fun! Westin is a fun place to visit also and the Louisburg Cider Mill. Both are a little bit of a drive, but the kids might like them. You can look for pumpkins and pick apples.
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