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Lady Luck....

We just found out we are having girl #3 !!!! Our oldest is Kilee Morgan, and our soon to be middle child is Sofia Ann Rosalie.......and we are proud to announce that our third girl is due December 26th and her name is.............. Noella Christine.   :O)   

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  • Congratulations!
  • Not being snarky here, but what if she's born November 26th? I was 6 weeks early myself, so I'm just curious.
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  • Congrats...Noella is NMS.  I do like Noelle though...but that's our pups name so it's out for us...


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  • I like it!
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  • Kilee, Sofia, Noella -- nice!  Congrats :)
  • I like noella better than noelle, good choice
  • Thanks everyone :o)  
  • We considered that baby may be early...our first was 6 weeks early....that will be her name no matter when she is born...we love it! 
  • I like Noelle a lot more. I've never heard of Noella before.?
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