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Don't read if you don't wanna know who HOH is on BB

As the show ended last night we saw the houseguests circling around on the carousel type swing and getting whacked by a huge diploma. ?Right after the show went off the air many of them started getting sick, throwing up and dropping like flies. ?I think either Natalie or Lydia threw up first, followed shortly thereafter by Chima. ?But Chima managed to stay on for quite a while--I was shocked.

Everyone else fell off rather quickly after that. ?And it came down to the final two being Jeff and Russell. ?As Jordyn encouraged Jeff to "STAY on there" he and Russell began going back and forth about who could last the longest. ?Russell "peed" to prove that he was in for the long haul and even suggested that he would "go #2 next". ?Jeff tried to get him to play rock, paper, scissors to determine a winner but Russell was not having it. ?They talked back and forth about who they would put up and how each of them would be safe. ?Russell promised Jeff he wouldn't put up him or Jordyn and Jeff dropped off.

RUSSELL is the new HOH.?

Re: Don't read if you don't wanna know who HOH is on BB

  • Darn it Jeff!  I hope Russell keeps his word.  It seems like whenever this has happened in the past, the person who threw the competition ended up getting burned and lied to.  They always go back on their word.  Trust no one!  lol.
  • I know! ?I wish Jeff would have just hung on and outlasted Russell. ?I'm sure he could have. ?But a bit of good news...I just checked and Jeff is in the lead in receiving votes to grant him the coup d'etat. ?He's killing everyone; he's received 81% of the votes so far. ?
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  • Hey ceecee! You really need to start posting more! :)

     And that sucks! I hate Russell! I love Jeff though! he is sooo good looking!

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