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Is anyone else living in hard times right now?

I am a career driven person, I work as a nurse. I have always worked hard to get what I wanted and to stay on top, but this last year has been so hard. My DH and I got married in Feb. and a week before found out we were PG. Every since then its just gone down hill. My DH is the best and we are stronger then ever but I had to quit my job in my 1st tri due to stress and fear of lossing my baby. No one will hire a prego. It was hard enough living off of my DH paycheck and then he gets fired.....since then we have lost are cars, had to move in with the in-laws and his 4 siblings (my worse nightmare). I feel like I can give my baby so little. I have had to go on food stamps and my husband is on unemployment (something I said I would never do). My husband has been trying for weeks to find a job, any job. He has applied to dozens of locations with out a single call. I go out and see everyone still spending money like crazy at the malls. Am I the only one feeling the hard times? If not why does everyone act like everything is the same?.....sorry its 5am and I have nothing else to vent about.

Re: Is anyone else living in hard times right now?

  • Aww sweetie I'm so sorry to hear about all the trouble you and DH are having. Please keep your head up. What kind of jobs is he applying/looking for? There are tons of call centers out here and they are always hiring
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    I hear ya, hon.  My brother got laid off by Harley Davidson in Kansas City.  He only has a job because my uncle has a business and could take him on.  DH and I are struggling, but that's because I've already used up 7 weeks of FMLA, so we've gone one week on half our usual income.  It's really hard.  We are trying to save money, but when you have a little one coming that needs things.... impossible. 

    The other poster is right.  Has he tried employment agencies?  Have you?  Applying at Starbucks?  Anything?  I mean, it may not be his ideal, but any money coming in is better than no money.  Starbucks gives benefits too, although you may be better off keeping your bennies from the state at this point.  There is no shame in that.  DH and I are facing $1600/month COBRA payments when I go on personal medical leave after the 12 weeks of FMLA run out and we have no idea what we will do b/c we don't qualify for AHCCCS with his salary.  It sucks.  I hate the peeps who can still spend, spend, spend.  Crazy.

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  • So sorry to hear about your tough's hard for a lot of good folks out there. What is your DH's work experience? My work is always looking for people with Inside Sales experience or B2B (business to business) collections experience. Both positions require at least 2 years of experience. Let me know....
  • I am so sorry for you situation the economy is really horrible especially in Arizona I feel like its pretty bad out here compared to other states. My husband and I are struggling also he had to take a job transfer out here in AZ with his company which forced me to leave my company we moved out here in March from a suburb of Dallas, TX, its going on 5 months of me filling out application after application and spending hours emailing resumes as well. I am still out of work. I think that everyone has to be grateful for the positive things that we still have and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Have to be grateful like you said that you and your husband are stronger than ever and that?s one thing to be thankful for because, I have seen it in my own family that a lot of couples end up going in opposite directions during hard times. I really hope things get better for you and your husband. And I also hope you and the baby remain healthy for the rest of your pregnancy.

  • You're not alone hon.  Smile

    I lost my job in June, and am looking but collecting unemployment too.  I had to get state benefits too, which I HATED doing, but anything for my little one!  It is a blow to the ego though, it's hard to believe that the economy was so good a few years ago - I was making close to six figures and spending money like a rock star...I went from that, to retail management, to unemployed!

    DH is in construction, which SUCKS right now, so he is working a job he absolutely hates and making less money than he normally does.  But we're managing, and we know that times will get better.  Smile

    Ditto what people said about call centers, and also check out retail - most places will start hiring their holiday help within the next 1-3 months, so if all else fails at least there is that!

    Focus on the miracle you're nurturing, and try to keep your head up through the tough parts!!

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  • You don't know me but I and DH have recently gone through this same thing this past year and are just now kinda coming out of it. Its was hell I know Sad. I'd like to provide what little help I can.

    I'm not sure what hes looking into but University of Phoenix is always hiring and there is also a company called ACS  ( that are hiring quite a few positions as well.

    Stay positive hope things get better.

    H&H 9 mo. Smile

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