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First let me just say that I totally feel like Im stalking you! haha.

BUT I wanted to say thanks so much for the recommendation of Tirami Su. My mom and I went there to eat (delish) and we booked my shower for Sept 13th! You'll have to keep me updated and let me know how yours goes. You're having it at the one in Shelby right?


And most importantly... where are the pics of the nursery?!?! Stick out tongue

Re: J&R

  • LOL. You aren't stalking me! I feel like we are internet buddies and we get good advice from each other. We just need to meet IRL!

    YAY I am glad you liked it! I will for sure let you know how it goes and post pics and yes we are at the Shelby one.

    We got the crib all set up but I haven't put anything on the walls so I didn't want to post yet. I plan on going next week to buy the shelves and hanging them and DH has to finish the closet organizer and paint something by wed (yes I give him deadlines). I should be able to post some progress pics by the end of next week. We are leavign for up north this weekend otherwise it would be done.

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  • P.S. come to the GTG in two weeks! I want to talk to you about maybe starting a moms group in the area.
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  • Yay!!! I cant wait to see the nursery pics AND talk about a moms group. Ohhh the little things in life that excite me now days Wink

  • image? J & R 07 ?:
    I want to talk to you about maybe starting a moms group in the area.

    Sorry for butting in, but if you are delivering out of Troy or Royal Oak Beaumont, make sure to get info about their parenting groups.  It was the best decision I made!


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